Childcare 0-5

Fellow parents of the world, I am pleased to make your acquaintance

This week I would like to explore you personal views in regards to pre-school care (3 months-5 years).The first five years of life are the building blocks in social development. How we relate to people socially effects how we progress through life.


In the 70’s and 80’s it was perfectly acceptable for mother’s to remain home and concentrate on raising their families. If and when you ventured out to run an errand a close family friend or relative would stay with your little ones. There was never that niggling concern that your child wasn’t safe. That you could find yourself facing a penalty if your works took you that little bit extra or something suddenly popped up. There was always somebody close by to step in if you couldn’t make it.

BBC NEWS -‘1970s and 1980s ‘were the best time to raise children’

Many of us born to that wonderful generation will recall a favorite aunt, close family friend or neighbor being there if mummy wasn’t around. We felt safe protected and loved. Surrounded by people that reinforced your mother’s rules, views and values. Excluding the odd sweet treat there was no hope of getting away with anything because these people knew you, we’re known intimately and we’re trusted by your mother and don’t forget ‘ God is watching ‘ also so you just know not to even think about it.

Our playmates were siblings, cousins and extended family. They further reinforced the rules the elders had in place. Learning the boundaries and finding your place was developed over time. Always with the support of those that had your best interests at heart.

The sudden boom of women in the workplace and our ever growing population means that we are faced with situations new to our generation. The main family home can no longer accommodate new arrivals, social housing can no longer secure you a property close to family, social funding cannot support your basic needs, the cost of living has risen above average family income.

 The arrival of a child requires space current room sizes to not account for. Moving home is your only option. Families are faced with, loss of a support network, having to move away from friends and family can add to stress and anxieties already felt by new mothers. Meeting a child’s basic needs are costly. Returning to work provides financial relief but at what cost.

The age of retirement is set to increase to 70 in the coming years ( it is fact that after several hours of Internet searching I was unable to find little if any reference to current government plans on pensions and retirement. Video post have either been removed or do not play. If you happen along a different result please feel free to post a link ). Older relatives can no longer afford to assist with child care and reinforcing family values. I wonder if the strain these rises put on a family not just effected individuals has been given any consideration.

Millions affected as tax and benefit changes come in

Pre-school care has become a booming industry built on its necessity. It use to be values would be passed on from parent to child. Now we hold parenting classes and rely on statistics which are often inaccurate. To dictate how we handle our children. Becoming a parent is a perfectly natural process. Instinct is your strongest tool yet all to often we fail to trust in ourselves.

Pre- school care provides a modern day replacement to extended family care. Our children are handed to people we do not know personally, people that are monitored by people who do not know our values. We must trust that the system is doing its job and ensuring all necessary safe guards are in place and requirements met. We now more than ever have to trust that other parents are doing their jobs.

As a parent, knowing what each cry or gesture means can be frustrating. We look at mothers who have had twins, triplets, quintuplets even and wonder how they do it. The reward for parents is not financial it is emotional.

Recent headlines in regards to child abuse activity within the pre- school child care system sparked great controversy. Many people were further enraged to discover that these people were women, parents even. Just Googleing brings up details regarding several well known cases.

The government sex offenders register can only provide you with so much information. We must rely on our instinct more than ever when considering a childcare provider. All to often crimes go unreported and things don’t come to light until people have passed. The damage having already been done.

When you get into your car and pull away from the curb there is no guarantee that your fellow drivers are fully competent. How ever you trust that they have gone through all the necessary government procedures required and have considered your safety as well as their own.

Unfortunately people seem to have forgotten to treat others as they would wish to be treated. If we can pass on this one core value to a new generation, perhaps mistakes will not be repeated and thinking twice can become a natural instinct that supports positive personal development.

How do we make the services in place work for us?


What can we do to ensure the system supports our children? 

Change can be daunting but we can make it for the better. We are no longer just families and communities, but a society of constant change.




Cartoons of the 80’s and early 90’s just for fun To many memories follow the links and remember.

Thank you for your time. Stay blessed

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